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maximize supply chain efficiency

- Quickly See Inventory Overs and Unders
- Quick Dissemination of Critical Insights
- Visibility Up & Down the Supply Chain
- Quadrant Analysis
- Smart Allocations
- Visibility of Online & Offline Sales

Optimize Your Inventory

Whether you’re a retailer or supplier, return on investment is the KPI you focus most on. A strong ROI requires optimized sales, margins and investment in stock. Krunchbox helps you to optimize your inventory by calculating the optimal stock by article and store — all while taking minimums, maximums, models, rates of sale, seasonality and more into consideration. Your supply chain is more effective when you rid it of working capital that is unnecessarily tied up in suboptimal products.
Five ways to optimize your inventory

Quickly See Inventory Over and Unders Based on Expected Demand

Krunchbox highlights overstocks and understocks in your warehouse inventory, based on expected demand, so that you can optimize your supply chain. You’ll forecast more accurately and make better decisions when you can see the exceptions.

Quick dissemination of critical insights

Retail partners often waste valuable time organizing and analyzing data that soon becomes outdated. Instead of pouring by hand through spreadsheet after spreadsheet, use krunchbox to identify key opportunities or risks within your inventory quickly and take action the same day.

Visibility Up & Down the Supply Chain

Everyone in your organization has access to the same information and insights with krunchbox. Rest easy knowing that you can see up and down your supply chain and are always aware of what’s going on.

Quadrant Analysis

Can you easily define how much working capital is tied up in your best selling articles and top stores, compared to poor sellers in the low sales stores? Can you easily identify which store and article combinations are your ‘winners’ and which are your ‘also rans’? Sometimes the results are surprising, even to seasoned professionals, because every store profile is different and changes over time. The krunchbox Quadrant Analysis tool makes it easy to create a pareto analysis of your range, so you can quickly determine where precious working capital is being tied up and where it is desperately needed. Instantly identify where to allocate that Open to Buy. Use our Payback Calculator to see how much you can save by optimizing your inventory.

"It’s really effective. We get results almost instantly."

Smart Stock Allocations

Krunchbox helps you to cluster the right products in the right stores in order to drive incremental sales. By allocating the right stock to the right locations, your supply chain functions more efficiently — which means more sales every week. We help you optimise your own supply chain to be responsive so that you can replenish the better sellers, faster. Krunchbox also has a proven track record in Vendor Managed Inventory, generating fact-based recommended orders for retail partners.

Visibility of Online and Offline Sales

Disruption has been a constant since time began, but every retailer and vendor needs to have visibility of the shifting sands between sales through physical stores and online sales. Never has it been so important to have visibility of demand and visibility of where stock is in all the various points in the supply chain. Krunchbox delivers critical insights on your sales channels, highlighting the trends between and across channels, vertically and horizontally, so that you can act quickly.


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