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The krunchbox tablet app is now available! Learn more and watch the video.


The krunchbox tablet app is now available! Learn more and watch the video.

access data on-the-go

- Cloud-Based
- Works on All Devices
- Krunchbox Go App
- Barcode Scanning

Insights When You Need Them

Your data shouldn’t be tied to your desk. Krunchbox gives you the ability to access your EPOS data, identify opportunities and share insights from anywhere, at any time.

Your Data in the Cloud

Sometimes you need to access your data when you’re away from the office. Whether on the road, out at stores, at your customer’s office, or sitting at home, krunchbox is a cloud-based platform you can access from anywhere. It requires no integration with legacy systems and users can log in via the web 24/7.

Works on All Devices

On your desktop at the office, your laptop at home, tablet in the warehouse and smartphone at the store — the krunchbox application works on all devices so that you can always see your data.

Krunchbox Go App

Access critical sales and inventory data both at the product and store level. Get a health check on a chosen location. What are the best sellers in this store? What has inventory but no sales? The Krunchbox Go App lets you prioritize opportunities while you’re on the go. Available for iPhone and Android.

Barcode Scanning

Use the Krunchbox Go App to scan a barcode with your phone and get sales history, stock levels, best stores, stores out of stock and much more.

"With the Krunchbox Go app, it gives me direct access and the ability to follow up straight away."


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