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increase sales

- Dashboard Analysis
- Quadrant Analysis
- Quantify the Value of Missed Sales
- Smart Allocations

Drive Incremental Sales with krunchbox

Electronic point-of-sale data (EPOS) is like an iceberg — there’s a mountain of data beneath the surface, and you only see the fraction above the waterline. But sales opportunities lurk below, begging to be addressed. Krunchbox prioritizes the opportunities, leveraging the data to help you cluster the right products in the right stores to make immediate improvements and drive incremental sales.
Five ways to optimize your inventory

"I could not do what I do with my team without krunchbox."

Powerful Dashboards

Everything you need to run your business, in an easy to digest dashboard. Opportunities, risks, lost sales, OOS, year-over-year sales, etc. — dashboards have you covered. The latest dashboards release includes features such as:
  • YOY variances, trends, winners and losers, best sellers, retailer and category contributions to sales
  • Units and $ scatter graphs to help you visualise variances in your business
  • Out-of-stocks percentage, with ability to drill right down to store/article level
  • 80:20 break up to help you visualise relative contribution to performance

Quadrant Analysis

Can you easily define how much working capital is tied up in your best selling articles and top stores, compared to poor sellers in the low sales stores? Can you easily identify which store and article combinations are your ‘winners’ and which are your ‘also rans’? Sometimes the results are surprising, even to seasoned professionals, because every store profile is different and changes over time. The krunchbox Quadrant Analysis tool makes it easy to create a pareto analysis of your range, so you can quickly determine where precious working capital is being tied up and where it is desperately needed. Instantly identify where to allocate that Open to Buy.

Identify out-of-stocks and quantify the value of missed sales

Krunchbox will quantify for you the value of sales missed each week through out-of-stocks. By prioritising the high-value, high-velocity articles and targeting the top-trading stores, krunchbox will guide you effortlessly towards fixing the high-value opportunities. Furthermore, you have visibility of slow moving articles and where the stock is sitting so you can action tactical responses to shift the stock before it becomes a major issue. All of this increases your sales.

Smart Stock Allocations

Krunchbox helps you to cluster the right products in the right stores in order to drive incremental sales. By allocating the right stock to the right locations, your supply chain functions more efficiently — which means more sales every week. We help you optimise your own supply chain to be responsive so that you can replenish the better sellers, faster.


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