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improve your relationships

- Collaboration
- Sharing

Work With Your Retailers, Not Against Them

In a perfect world, your retail partner would have the right quantity of stock for every item in every store. Not too much, and not too little — the ‘Goldilocks’ balance. Reality, however, gets in the way. Retail is dynamic — promos, weather, competition, news cycles and other factors impact what consumers are buying. This leads to suboptimal stock levels, oftentimes causing conflict between supplier and retailer. Only by close collaboration between retailer and vendor can you hope to achieve the ultimate win-win-win!
Five ways to optimize your inventory

Collaborate Around Your EPOS Data

Krunchbox helps you quickly identify anomalies in your data and share insights with your supply chain partners — retail customers, suppliers, colleagues in marketing and warehouse employees. Replace conflict with collaboration and use krunchbox to help fix out-of-stocks, weight stock for upcoming promos, identify slow moving stock and more. It takes your business from simple order fulfiller to retail partner.

Share Key Insights

Possibly the most valuable feature of any analytical system is the ability to share what you’ve learned. You’ve found something interesting or critical in the data, but what now? Unless you can share your insight with others who can help you capitalize on it or fix it, you are compromised. In krunchbox, you can instantly share a hyperlink to your data, and set the constraints on what the recipient can do with that data. Share your knowledge both up and down the supply chain so that everyone is focused on the same data, speaking the same language, and collaborating around how to respond.

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