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What we do


We make a powerful point-of-sale analytics software for wholesalers that optimizes inventory, increases collaboration between both internal and external team members, and drives incremental sales. But we're more than just a software company—we focus on building and maintaining quality relationships with our clients through exceptional customer service. From set up and troubleshooting to ongoing consultancy, we help clients make inventory decisions that maximize sales.
What is krunchbox

You gave us a reporting system which is so user friendly and gets us our information quickly. It has had a dramatic change on our business.

Collaboration is a key part of the supplier-retailer relationship, but all too often retail suppliers and retailers are on opposing teams. Our software is built to bring together suppliers and retailers around point-of-sale scan data, helping them to work more efficiently together and increase sales on both sides. Gone are the days where suppliers feel like the retailer always has the upper hand.

The Old Way

Traditional point-of-sale (POS) data analysis is difficult and slow. The gatekeepers of the data control speed and content, resulting in slow dissemination of insights and low-impact analysis. Coordination and collaboration is virtually non-existent.

The krunchbox Way

With krunchbox, your POS data is democratized. Everyone from your organization — from the CEO to your field sales team — has instant access to exception-based analysis. Transparent information results in one source of the truth, actions aligned with high value opportunities and high impact decisions.
Five ways to optimize your inventory


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