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From the Founders

We have been in your shoes, and understand retail from your side of the table!

As co-founders of Krunchbox, we would like to thank you for showing an interest in krunchbox.

As business partners, together we have over 50 years of experience selling physical product to retailers across the globe. We understand the highs and lows of retail; the excitement and frustration of sourcing internationally from factories in far off lands. In other words, we are people just like you, trying to earn a living selling merchandise to retail customers! Imagine this scenario. You’ve designed a great product; you’ve found factories that can make it for you; you’ve even negotiated a price at which you can make a decent margin! Then comes the challenge of the supply chain; freight forwarding, customs, duty, delays on ships, delays at docks, delays at customs and more problems.

Finally the day comes when your product is released to market, and you rush into your local store to see it in all its glory on the shelf — only to find it’s not there. The customers have loved it and there is no stock left, leaving frustration for everyone — customer, retailer and you! Krunchbox has helped hundreds of vendors just like you, across the world, by giving them transparency of their supply chain. What is selling, what is not selling, and what they could sell a great deal more of if they had the right stock in the right store. Krunchbox users sleep soundly at night because they are in control of their own destiny – not hoping and praying it will all work out. Via their smartphones or tablets, krunchbox users can see what is driving sales and what is hurting sales, but more importantly can see how to optimize sales with the most efficient utilization of stock available.

We invite you to learn more about what krunchbox users have to say about life before and after krunchbox, and about how easy it is to trial krunchbox with your own data. We are all fortunate to work in one of the most dynamic, and therefore exciting industries in the world. Retail may not be for the faint hearted, but together we have the power to shape the future, and we hope you join us on that journey.

Andrew Isles and John Pitman