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The Life of a krunchbox User

Turning Krunchbox Into Sales

We know exactly what it's like being in your shoes. You need information and insights into what happened last week — and you need it quickly. Below is an example of how a typical krunchbox user creates immediate value on a Monday morning.

It's Monday morning

Jennifer is the National Account Manager for a well-known kitchen appliance company, and she looks after two major US retail chains.


Jennifer has received a krunchbox alert about sales of the new blender, telling her how many were sold in the first week of sales, which stores generated the sales, and what the stock levels are. She immediately shares the report with the retail buyer with a comment “Hey Susan. Great result for the first week – congratulations! I’ve highlighted a few stores in the attached that are going to need back up stock straight away.”

Jennifer also shares the report with her VP Sales, to let her know what a great start the new product has had.


Jennifer needs to brief herself on ‘the week that was’ before she attends the Monday morning sales meeting, so she quickly runs through her krunchbox dashboards. In the space of a few minutes, she knows what performed well, which products are a concern, and where she has inventory issues.

At the meeting, she highlights an issue of lost sales due to out of stocks in a cluster of stores on the west coast, and suggests a meeting with the retail planner to address the opportunity. Her margin dashboard has also highlighted the need to increase prices on a couple of items, which she tables to the group. She receives a firm endorsement from the VP Sales and wry smiles from her NAM colleagues!


With the usual Monday morning emails out of the way, Jennifer has time to make a coffee and review the results of the promo that has run for the last two weeks. She notes from her krunchbox analysis that some states have performed strongly, and others not so. She is alarmed to see low levels of stock in a cluster of stores, so she quickly shares her analysis with the Warehouse Manager, and asks him to confirm availability and to put aside some stock for her accounts. She gets a response back within minutes to confirm the stock is available, so she shares her analysis with the retail buyer and planner, with a request to get some additional orders in the pipeline.


Jennifer heads off to the Sales and Operations Planning Meeting, armed with her auto scheduled krunchbox reports. In a short space of time, Jennifer has been able to pull together some trended history, and has sliced the same data by brand, by model, by colour, and by price point. She has graphed the results in krunchbox to make it easy to demonstrate the trends, and receives a spontaneous round of applause from the S&OP team!


Checking her email, Jennifer is delighted to see an email from her retail buyer who has read her suggestion about the need for more stock on the promo lines, together with a commitment for an additional order worth over $20k!

She flicks the email on to her VP Sales with a smiley, and also to Jeff in the Marketing team to say thanks for a great promo team effort!
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