Try before you buy

We provide you with an opportunity to evaluate krunchbox for two weeks before you decide whether to subscribe.  We will create your dedicated data warehouse, populate it with your data and give you full access.  The two week evaluation period will begin only once you have full access.


We will ask you for a sample of your sales and stock data.  If you do not currently have the data, we may be able to assist you in obtaining it from a retailer partner.

Evaluation Period

Once we have populated your data warehouse with your data, and you are satisfied that the data is presented in the way you want to view it, we hand over the access to you.

We are so confident that you will love krunchbox, that we will happily give you full access for two weeks before you decide whether to subscribe.


At the end of the two week evaluation period, you can choose to subscribe and continue your access, or else decline, in which case we will hand you back your data with a friendly smile!



Subscription costs

Krunchbox is a 'pay as you go' system.  You can subscribe month to month with no contracts.

As long as you are making money from using krunchbox, we are confident you will want to continue subscribing.

If you are not making money from it, simply stop subscribing, and we will happily hand you a copy of your data.

There are two subscription options:

Single Retailer

  • One source of scan data (i.e. one retailer)
  • Database less than 10GB
Multiple Retailers

  • Multiple sources of scan data
  • Database less than 20GB
  • Your monthly subscription includes training for your team on all krunchbox functionality and access to our support desk.
  • We are constantly adding improvements to krunchbox, such as new user functionality, and easier maintenance features. All upgrades are included with your monthly subscription, at no additional charge.
  • You can have unlimited users, unlimited numbers of stores, unlimited numbers of suppliers, unlimited numbers of products, categories etc.
  • If your database is greater than 20Gb, please contact us for a quote.

Support and Training

  • Your krunchbox monthly subscription entitles you to ongoing training and support at no extra cost
  • There is no limit - within reason - to the number of users or how often they need training
  • We want you to get the maximum value from your krunchbox, so we customise our training to suit the needs of the individual users, often conducting one-on-one sessions
  • We provide both face to face training, as well as remote training sessions
  • We also have a Help Desk, supported by very friendly and knowledgeable 'krunchies', who will remotely help you get out of whatever sticky situation you have got yourself into!