krunchbox is a simple to use, cloud based business intelligence tool, designed specifically for the retail industry to assist retailers and their suppliers to collaborate around point of sales scan data.

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Turn retailers' point of sale data into increased sales

krunchbox is a retail sales analysis tool that converts retail point of sale scan data into valuable exception based insights and concise opportunities to help drive incremental sales, achieve higher sell throughs and reduce out of stocks


Collaboration is the key!

When everyone has the same data up and down the supply chain, this makes it possible to respond quickly to opportunities, and to transform them into sales dollars


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What do existing customers say about krunchbox?

The added ability to access this information remotely at any time and the high quality training and support we have been provided has made this information system worth its weight in gold."
Krunchbox has  provided illumination to an area of our business that was previously hidden.”


“…in some cases, they now let me suggest store allocations. I give them detailed recommendations that they can’t generally access easily…”
“…the analytical tools provided in krunchbox….make this complex area a very simple task for all levels of our staff.”
“In one word, krunchbox is brilliant!”
“Focusing more on our sell out data using krunchbox, has fundamentally changed the way we conduct our business.”
“A significant portion of our growth over the last few years, has been due to leveraging data through krunchbox.”
“We were astonished at how fast krunchbox could slice and dice our data!”
“Krunchbox has completely transformed the dialogue we have with our retail partners.”

Did you know? Krunchbox is processing in excess of $4 Billion worth of retail sales data…& counting!!