Basic Features

Krunchbox ...

Is exception based

For example:
"Which stores have low weeks cover of my best sellers?"
"Where do I have slow moving stock tying up working capital?"
"With limited OTB, where should I focus my replenishment?"

Simplifies your data

Simplifies massive quantities of retail sales and stock data into manageable information

Generates smart allocations

Helps you get the right stock in the right stores to drive higher sales and higher sell-throughs with less inventory

Is a cloud based application

Requires no integration with legacy systems.  Users can log in via the web 24/7

Is easy to use

It's simple to use and requires no systems knowledge



Dashboards for busy readers

Pareto analysis

User defined reports, selecting from >100 predefined measures



Diagnostic tools for comparing associations between locations / products


Mapping functionality for reviewing sales trends in a more visual format


Allocator module - for calculating optimum replenishment by article by store

Exception analysis - "Which stores are out of stock of my Top 3 articles?"


 ... plus many other analytical tools to transform data into valuable insights



  • Ad hoc reporting - you design your own reports
  • Drill down, group by, sort, filter, change measures, add product attributes
  • Exception analysis - you query the data with easy to use query constructions
  • Allocator - let krunchbox calculate your optimum allocation by article by store
  • Store comparisons; brand comparisons; price point comparisons
  • Store mapping functionality

 ... and much, much more!


Key Benefits

  • Is a web-based, simple to use tool, requiring no training
  • Can make immediate, dramatic improvements in your business




Web-based access 24/7 - meaning fast, accurate decisions

Improved forecast accuracy, higher sell-throughs and reduced out-of-stocks

Simplifies the process of interpreting the product activity data



Reinforces fast, fact based decisions




Collaborative planning leads to improved customer service



SAS model so no downloads or upgrades


Empower staff to make better decisions on ranging and stock allocation

Transparency and alignment of supply chain objectives




Matching stock to sales at SKU and store level ... every day



Competitive advantage through smarter stock allocation



A single version of the truth is now a reality! Share your interactive analysis…

  • You can share your reports, your analysis, and your recommendations with your colleagues and with your retail partners, up and down the supply chain
  • Imagine the power of you and your customers collaborating  around the same analysis – sharing insights and reacting to sales opportunities as they present themselves
  • Share a live URL link to your analysis with anyone with a single click, or send them an extract
  • You decide what you want them to see and interact with
  • Because you are sharing the retailer’s sell-out data, you are not only viewing the same data but you are viewing it through the same lens
  • Harness the extraordinary power of collaboration!


You want to know about the exceptions – right?

  • Set up automated Alerts to be emailed to you
  • Out of stocks? Stores registering sales of the new range?
  • Products with excessive inventory? Stores with low cover of your best sellers?
  • You set the threshold values and let krunchbox automatically run the analysis and email you the results!
  • Design your Favourite reports and have them scheduled so they are sent to you automatically as soon as the retailers’ raw data hits your Database
  • Share your Alerts with select colleagues or even your customers
  • With krunchbox Alerts, your finger is on the pulse with key business insights, wherever you are

The Process

Krunchbox does the hard work for you!

  • We collect data from a variety of sources on your behalf, be it from the retailers directly, from your third party EDI provider, or wherever the data resides

  • We handle all the data formats - so you don’t have to!


  • We collate the data, validate it, cleanse it, and insert it into your very own custom data warehouse


  • We also automatically send alerts to all your users to let them know the data is ready to view, as well as sending them their pre-set alerts, their custom favourite reports and exceptions


  • Let us do the krunching, so you can sleep peacefully at night!